Orthotics at Epsom Physiotherapy and Sport Injury Clinic

Our Chartered Physiotherapists are trained to assess your foot position and foot biomechanics as well as fit the correct orthotics to support your foot in its ideal position, correct the angle of your hind foot and correct any leg length discrepancy. The assessment will involve an hour consultation to assess the cause of your pain and the appropriate treatment including the fitting of the orthotics.

Our Chartered Physiotherapists provide orthotics which:

      • Are suitable for all footwear including trainers, dance shoes, ballet shoes, walking boots, football boots, rugby boots, golf shoes, riding boots, wellington boots, work shoes, school shoes and court shoes
      • Improve your running style
      • Prevent injury while running or participating in sport
      • Are affordable (ranging from £8 to £30)
      • Are specially fitted to your feet
      • Prevent over-pronation
      • Prevent flat feet
      • Prevent bunions, foot pain, knee pain, hip pain, back pain and poor posture
      • Assist the recovery of low back pain, piriformis symdrome, ilio-tibial band syndrome, patello-femoral syndrome, Osgood Schlatter’s syndrome, shin splints, achilles tenonopathy, Sever’s syndrome, plantar fasciitis, Morton’s Neuroma and heel spur syndrome

For an appointment please call 01372 747 719.

“Thank you so much for my appointment with you, it has really made a difference to the pain. I will have no hesitation in recommending your professional and helpful clinic in the future.”
Nicky Louth

Banstead, Surrey