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Reformer Classes and Equipment Studio Pilates

Reformer classes taught by Physiotherapists

Reformer classes are performed on 4 beautiful raised level wooden Balanced Body Reformers which were imported from The US in January 2020. They offer a Pilates experience which is second to none both for the tall and not so tall clients. The quality of the machines means using them is like driving a super car – a truly pleasurable experience. All our Pilates classes are taught by Chartered Physiotherapists who are also trained Pilates Instructors which also makes the experience second to none. As Physiotherapists we are able to accommodate medical conditions by adapting the exercises to each individual client and the small groups make individual correction possible.

Reformer classes

Reformer classes are for a maximum of 4 clients taught by Chartered Physiotherapists who are also trained Pilates Instructors.

Different class levels are available:

Complete Beginners – for those new to Pilates.

Beginners – for intermediate mat clients new to the reformer.

intermediate – if you have done reformer Pilates to Intermediate level.

Advanced – for those that are advanced on the reformer.

One to one – for those wishing to progress from beginner to intermediate reformer exercises to enable you to join an intermediate reformer class.

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Equipment Studio Pilates taught by Physiotherapists

This Pilates Studio Equipment is the same as the equipment designed by Joseph Pilates and offers a huge variety of exercises and positions with assistance or resistance of springs plus the movement of the carriage on the reformer. Beginners and injured clients are able to perform exercises they would not be able to perform on the mat. Intermediate and advanced clients can enjoy the challenge of working against resistance in more challenging positions than they can on the mat.

Equipment Studio Pilates

Beginners – Studio sessions are for those who are new to Pilates and want to try Pilates using Pilates Studio Equipment designed by Joseph Pilates himself.

Intermediate – Studio Pilates is also for clients who have done Intermediate Mat Pilates before and want to try something different using Pilates Studio Equipment designed by Joseph Pilate himself.

Injured clients – We have a fully equipped Pilates studio which makes Pilates accessible to the injured client assisting movements and re-educating movement patterns.

Advanced – Equipment Studio Pilates can also make Pilates exercises more challenging for those who want a more challenging workout. Joseph Pilates designed the equipment for dancers and athletes to improve their core strength, fitness and flexibility.

The studio is fully equipped with the following specialist Pilates equipment:

  • Reformer
  • Cadillac tower
  • Ladder barrel
  • Wonder chair
  • Spine corrector with three different sized barrels

Enquiries / bookings please call 01372 747 719