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Pilates taught by Physiotherapists

Epsom Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic produces a weekly blog during term time with valuable information for our Pilates clients to enhance their Pilates journey and learning.

Pilates taught by Physiotherapists

FREE Videos on the Epsom Physiotherapy Youtube channel:

Epsom Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj5zHzWCkGZ0DFQ4RS3w63Q/videos

8 FREE Pilates Videos

Beginner level:

Video 1. Posture Correction in Standing (14 minutes)
Video 2. Introduction to Pilates (37 minutes)

Video 3. Take a work Break with Pilates (5 minutes)

Video 4. Breathing and Relaxation (10 minutes)

Intermediate level:

Video 5. Start the Day with Pilates (20 minutes)

Video 6. The Series of 5 Abdominal Workout (20 minutes)
Video 7. Mobilise Your Spine and Strengthen Your Core with Pilates (25 minutes)
Video 8. Improve Your Flexibility and Core Stability with Pilates (27 minutes)

Post-natal Pilates

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Summer Holiday Pilates…

Mat Pilates Classes Advanced Spine Curls Ball

Mat Pilates Classes...

Men’s Pilates Classes…

Mat Pilates Classes Advanced Spine Curls Ball

Reformer Classes and Equipment Studio Pilates…

Horse Rider Pilates… Find out more


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